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RCO Awards Announcement  


Since 1978 Recycling Council of Ontario has partnered with municipalities, private sector organizations, and non-profit groups to fulfill our mandate to eliminate waste. Seeing firsthand the exemplary work by individuals and organizations that embodied RCO’s waste reduction principles we launched the Ontario Waste Minimization Awards in 1984, and rebranded it the RCO Awards in 2013.

From major public and private sector initiatives to community events, we are proud and honoured to be the organization that stakeholders rely on to give the projects and the people who work on them the public recognition they so richly deserve. Since our first awards gala thirty-two years ago, more than 500 organizations have received coveted distinction from Ontario’s only environmental non-profit solely dedicated to waste reduction.


Just as the issues of waste have evolved over the past 30 years, so has the nature of how we measure excellence in a sector that constantly aims to innovate.


RCO began that process in 2013 when we included properties that achieved 3RCertified status as part of the overall RCO Awards program. In 2016, with new legislation that aims to increase waste reduction in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sector, RCO is evolving our programs and resources to reflect new realities and trends. Specifically, waste reduction as a key environmental performance indicator is becoming increasingly important and measurable, and voluntary and self-declared recognition programs are being replaced with programs that apply more rigorous and empirical standards and requirements.


To reflect these changes while still offering organizations an impartial evaluation of waste reduction practices, RCO is integrating RCO Awards to 3RCertified. Organizations that achieve 3RCertified status will now be in the spotlight of gala celebrations with the elevated status that 3RCertified confers.


3RCertified is a unique first-of-its-kind program in Canada that helps measure, report, and improve waste reduction and recycling practices for facilities and businesses; offers tools and resources that allow properties to track and report materials in a systematic and standardized way; supports transparency of management through to final disposition; and links supply and value chain management decisions that support waste prevention. Most importantly, 3RCertified encourages business, facilities, and communities to activate the principles and practices of the burgeoning circular economy.


Since 2013 we’ve been pleased to have an array of organizations and property types apply for 3RCertified, and we look forward to seeing more properties achieve 3RCertified status.


We are also pleased to share details of a recent partnership between 3RCertified and BOMA Canada. Facilities that complete 3RCertified receive credit for the waste reduction section of new BOMA BEST® assessments; facilities that certify with BOMA BEST® receive credit on areas where the two programs overlap.


As we transition from the RCO Awards to 3RCertified, we’d like to thank all of the applicants, sponsors and our most amazing volunteer judges who lent us their valuable time evaluating RCO Awards applications. Most importantly, we’d like to thank Diane Blackburn for her tireless efforts to organize every aspect of the RCO Awards for the last 11 years.


For more information on 3RCertified and how it can benefit your organization, please contact Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Ontario








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